Food Production Interviewed Questions!

Food Production is a department which is involved in preparation of food. A process, in which raw materials are cooked, combined and transformed to make a dish. The scope of Food Production has been widening at a faster pace in India as well as Abroad.

A Chef is involved from purchasing to deciding the menu, supervising the kitchen, maintaining the quality of food, sanitation standards, and coming up with new dishes. Food Production department comprises of main kitchen, banquet kitchen, soup section, pantry section, pastry section, baking & confectionery section, and vegetable section. Sections may vary based on the scale and star category of a hotel or hospitality establishment.

A Chef does more than cooking and has to handle many responsibilities. Being a Chef requires great experience and a flair for cooking. He/she is responsible for creating recipes, indenting and costing. A Chef supervises the purchasing, preparation of food, organization of kitchen, equipment required in the kitchen, recruitment of staff, maintaining the cleanliness and inspecting the quality of raw materials to be used in cooking; at the same time be aware of safety standards.

Promotion from a junior Chef to a head chef may take years and is competitive, but if you have that extra edge and are focused, one could be a famous Chef at a young age. Pursuing a career as a Chef is challenging, exciting and rewarding at the same time.

Lets begin with some Interviewed questions for the a profession of a CHEF.

  • What do you mean by Term Bake?
  • What is Bake Blind?
  • To Cover A Food With Strips Of Fat, Such As Bacon Or Larding Fat, Which Protects And Bastes It During Cooking? Is Technically Known As?
  • What Is Baking?
  • Define Braising?
  • What Is The Purpose Of Braising?
  • Differentiate Brown Braising & White Braising?
  • What Is Meant By Blanching And Refreshing?
  • Define Boiling?
  • Boiling Gently With Gentle Surface Motion Is Known As?
  • Deep Fry Means?
  • Fishes Are Also Classified By Their Fat Content Give Example?
  • What Is Oily Fish?
  • What Is White Fish?
  • Give Example For Round Fish?
  • Flat Fish Are The Fish, Which Have Eyes On The Same Side Of Their Body. They Are Found At Great Depths at the Bottom of the Sea Can Name Some Fish?
  • Define River Fish?
  • Shellfish Have A Different Classification All Together. They Are Classified Into?
  • What Are The Points To Bourn In Mind While Selecting The Fish?
  • In Case You Are Purchasing Of Fish Fillet What Is To Be Checked?
  • While Frozen Fish If Purchased Should Be Checked?
  • Fats and Oils, Also Known As?
  • Fats And Oils Are Mixtures Of?
  • What Are The Basics Two Type Of Fatty Acids?
  • What Is The Basic Different Between Saturated Fatty Acids & Unsaturated Fatty Acids?
  • Effect Of Heat: as Fats Are Heated There Are Three Temperatures At Which Noticeable Changes Take Place. Describe It?
  • Pufa Stands For?
  • Can You Explain In Detail About Margarine?
  • What Is Meant By Lard?
  • What Is Meant By Lard?
  • What Are The Fat-soluble Vitamins?
  • What Are The Basics Types Of Cheeses?
  • What Is Cheese?
  • Word Cheese Is Derived From?
  • Word ‘chocolate’ is derived from?
  • Word ‘chocolate’ is derived from?
  • Cadbury’s Chocolate Company Creates The First Chocolate Bar In The Year Of?
  • What Is English Name Of “le Gibier”?
  • What Are the Basics Two Types Of “honey”?
  • What Are The Uses Of Honey In Cooking?
  • Quality of Lamb?
  • List Down Few Popular Dishes Prepared From Lamb?
  • Different Types of Chickens?
  • Quality of Chicken?
  • What Are The Different Cuts Of Chicken?
  • List Some Popular Chicken Dishes:
  • What Are The Major Components Present In Meats?
  • Definition of Different Types of Pigs?
  • What Are The Points That Are Considered In General While Receiving Meat?
  • List down Few Pork Products?
  • What Are The Four Method Of Curing Ham?
  • What Do You Meant By Force Meat?
  • Define Sausage?
  • What Is Poaching Why It Is So?
  • What Is The Purpose Of Poaching?
  • What Are The Basic Two Methods Of Poaching?
  • What Is Stocks?
  • How Stocks Are Classified?
  • How to Prepare White Roux?
  • The Word Pudding Is Derived From?
  • What Is A Pudding?
  • What Are The Well Known Traditional Home Made Puddings?
  • What Are The Five Roll Systems In A Flour Mill?

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