Front Office Interviewed Questions!

Front desk staffs are among the first interactions that guests will have in any hotel. They set the tone for the stay and comprise an important part of guest’s first impression of the hotel. So situational questions will comprise a significant part of this interview so employers can have a visual display on a character. Are you friendly, yet professional? Consistent in both your work and your personality? Are you remained calm and cool-headed when in stressful situations, under extreme pressure ?

Lets begin the basic questions for the Front office Interviews!

  • Why do you choose Front Office?
  • What is A.R.R and how to calculate it?
  • What is occupancy percentage? How to calculate it?
  • What is House Count?
  • Difference between Types of Rooms and Categories of Rooms.
  • Different types of jobs and responsibility.
  • What is Night Audit? What happens in Night Audit?
  • Why Do I hire you?
  • Procedure of Luggage Assistance?
  • How to fix an Itinerary for guest?
  • Knowledge’s about Local Areas.
  • What is ADR?
  • What are the different status and signs of the rooms?
  • Mention any 15 types of rooms.
  • Mention any 10 Categories of rooms.
  • What is the motto of the designation?
  • What is the loyalty program of different group of hotels?
  • What are the benefits attends towards Loyalty Program?
  • How to handle the guest complaints?
  • Knowledge about different flights and their timings.
  • Knowledge of different types of Debit Cards and Credit Cards
  • How to handle the cashier auditing?
  • Knowledge of hotel chains
  • What is Discrepancy Reports?
  • Description of Coordination with other departments.
  • Procedure of Check in.
  • Procedure of Check out.
  • What is Registration Card?
  • What is C form? How to prepare it.
  • What is Safe Deposit Boxes?
  • What is Paid Out? What is the process of Paid Outs?
  • Knowledge about Forex Exchange Pricing.

Thank you So much! Please let us know about your experience of interviews and questions by be in a touch with us through comments.

All the best for your next Front office Interview!

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